Jack & Co was created exclusively in the UK by Louis and Peter, Louis has set his sights on creating you a new and exclusive brand for you to indulge your fury friends.

Louis is very passionate about the pet market, setting new goals to improve on everything he has learned over the past five years. He has spent his time researching fabric markets in China and exhibiting at trade shows worldwide. This allows him to bring you the newest products with quality goods using new design ideas, including RPET fabrics.

Peter, Louis long time friend, has control of Jack & Co’s e-commerce platforms, ensuring Jack & Co’s products are available, shipped on time and as ordered. Peter and his team oversees the product packaging and distribution from the UK warehouse.

All our products are made with premium fabrics and fittings that are durable and stylish. We use quality tweed and RPET fabrics and webbings.
Recycled P.E.T [RPET] (Polyethylene Terephthalate) fabric uses plastic bottles to produce a recycled polyester fibre that reduces landfill and causes far less air pollution than making new P.E.T. products.
RPET is highly durable and versatile and helps the environment by reusing PET products. It is Jack & Co’s aim to have 80% of its product base made from RPET.

At Jack & Co, we spend a great deal of time and resources continually researching and developing our products to bring you the most comfortable, stylish and durable pet products we can source with a comprehensive range of quality dog products that will meet your pets (and your) complete needs.
We have added a new sports harness that is patented, with Jack & Co being the distributor for the UK and it is available in the RPET fabric. Also, we have the comfy harness with our signature Jack & Co webbing and matching lead, collar and bow tie. Please check out the sets, which will save you money.

In this, Jack & Co‘s autumn range, we bring you luxurious dog beds, smart carry cases, tough toys, stylish coats, jackets, macs, and harnesses. There are matching sets, leads and collars and a great new Pet ID tags which allows you the confidence of knowing should your pet go walkabout, they can be returned to you by simply scanning the QR code on the ID tag.

We hope you enjoy browsing Jack & Co and find something special for your furry friends. Remember, we are always here to answer any questions you may have.

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Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

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